Life Hacks! Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier!!!

Hey y'all! This post about life hacks is bound to make your life easier! Also, thanks for hanging in there while I took some time off from my blog:) Now let's get into these life changing life hacks!

Life Hack #1  Have a wrinkly shirt, but no time to iron it? Dampen it with warm water and toss it in the dryer for about 5 minutes. Then, put it on and rock your no-wrinkle shirt! :P

Life Hack #2  Stains are the worst! Whether its your favorite tee or best pair of jeans, stains can ruin them! Here are some antidotes to stains:
Grass... Vinegar gets it out!
Grease... Soda will make it vanish!
Oil... White chalk does the job!
Ink... Can be easily removed with milk!
Coffee... Baking soda does the trick!

Life Hack #3  Clumpy nail polish? Stick it in the fridge for 15 minutes for smooth and glossy nails!
P.S. Need your nails to dry fast? Stick them into cold water for a few minutes. After removal, the polish will be dry!

Life Hack #4   Long wires, such as charging cords and earplugs, can be soo tricky! Keep them under control by attaching a hair clip to the rolled up wire.

Life Hack #5   And finally... for all my Nutella lovers.... Almost finished a jar of it? Throw in some ice cream for a delicious treat!

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And that's all of have for you guys! Which was your favorite? Leave one of your own life hacks in the comments! Love y'all!!!   ~BloggerA

Bonus Life Hack Below~