The Family Pets

Introducing.... The Family Pets! Just thought I'd let you see our pets; one is a dog, one is a bunny, and the other is a fish. They're pretty normal and sweet. So, here they are!! 

Dog: Gideon
Gideon is the sweetest little doggie there ever was. We all adore him, even though he gets a bit mischievous at times. He is a very tough little guy, which is expected with three kids in the house, one of which is a one year old who is very rough.
No picture is available as Gideon isn't a very still creature. 

Bunny: Cocoa
Cocoa is the best little bunny. My sister and I were three years old when she came to us, so she's been a memorable part of the fam for a while. She also is very tough, no surprise with us three kids. Gideon loves her, and although she tends to kick at him when he attempts his "doggy kisses", we know that she has a heart for the little guy. 

Beta Fish: Angelica
Angelica lives in a fishbowl in our living room, and seems very happy with her life. Her bowl decorations consist of an orange (glow in the dark!) plant, a stone fish, and Aqua blue stones at the bottom. She loves it when people come over to visit her, and will come straight to the front of her abode to see if they have any fish food on them. 

Well, those are the family pets! -BloggerA

Pictures coming soon. 


  1. Aww I love hearing about your pets! I love you new blog title! <3 Can't wait for those pictures!

  2. I Love the new Blog Title too! Yay! I love to hear about your pet Dog, Bunny, and Betta Fish, Too! Bye for now!

  3. Incredible name! Good paragraphs about the pets as well and yes, I wholeheartedly agree that the almost-two-year-old A is a bit rough sometimes, lol!


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