Pet Pics

Some of you were asking if I could post some pictures of my awesome pets. If you haven't met them yet, see the post, The Family Pets. I'll wait for you.. 

Alright. Here are the pictures of my beloved pets, Gideon, Cocoa, and Angelica. 


He's in his bed and he was a bit tired when I took the picture, otherwise his ears would be sticking straight up. 


She lives outside normally, but she was visiting inside, and (as you can see from the sprig of parsley below), was enjoying a small snack. 


Angelica would like to extend a fond hello to any beta fish who are reading this. 

Well, there are the pictures you've been waiting for! Hope you enjoyed! 



  1. your pets are soo cute! I love the pictures!!

  2. You did a great job taking those photographs!

  3. Yeah! Good Job, BloggerA, when i try to take a picture of my betta fish i only have one good one!


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