4 Blogging Tips

Hi! I realize I haven't been on here since Christmas,which is kind of sad. I'm sorry I haven't made time for you guys! Anyway, I was trying to think of an interesting post, and since most of my followers are bloggers, I thought you guys would appreciate some blogging tips. So here they are! :)

#1~ Blog about what you love. I love blogging about crafts and lifestyle stuff, and I don't just do it to fill space on my blog, but so you guys can enjoy it. If I posted about some subject that I don't enjoy, there would probably be small, insufficent posts on here and I would be asking myself why I even started a blog anyway. The truth is, I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! I love writing on it and seeing all your encouraging comments. So my advice would be to write about what you love.

#2~ Try to post once a week. I know I haven't lived up to this, and you guys might be really busy, but for your readers' sake, try to post once a week. One of my blogger friends posts every Monday and it seems like that has really worked out for her. I read her blog all the time because there are constantly new posts that interest me. Personally, I want to set a goal to post once a week, and you should too.

#3~ DON'T change your username and picture often. I don't know about you, but when people constantly change their blogging username I get VERY confused. It is okay to change your pic once in a while to liven things up, but try not to change your username often. Obviously, it's not my choice, it's yours, but people will feel comfortable if they can count on seeing one username all the time.

#4~ Try to take pictures to go along with your post. Pictures always liven things up. When I see a picture, I am pulled in to reading the entire post. Making cool backgrounds and editing your pictures adds a nice touch and attracts viewers and readers.

Thanks for reading! I hope to make a schedule soon to stick to! See you soon.
xoxo- BloggerA