A Fun Autumn Twist!

Hello! I am back with a new craft post for you! I have really been into making crafts with leaves lately. So here is a unique craft that I spent a lot of time on for you guys! This is a pretty easy craft and all you need are three different colors of paints, a paintbrush, and of course a leaf! Then you can paint the leaf any color and add some decorative touches to it. I added a few bold stripes to my leaf! Make sure to let your leaf dry completely. And there you have it! A fun twist on an autumn craft! Eventually the leaf will dry up, so enjoy it while it lasts! I have included a picture of my version of the craft. Thanks for reading! Also, Later on I will be posting about how I upload my crafts so look out for it! Also I am trying to stick to a schedule for posting! LOL! xoxo, BloggerA


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