Summer Favorites!

Hey everyone! I had an excellent vacation, and now I'm back! Some of you may know that BloggerGirl from challenged me to do a summer favorites post on this blog. So here I am doing it! Before you read this though, be sure to check out her version of summer favorites! Alright, let's get started! 

#1 Flowers! Flowers are awesome! They are so pretty and they are God's creation! We have plenty of them in our yard and I love to take pics of them and smell them. Take advantage of your flowers! You could be a pro photographer starting in your own backyard! 

#2 The Beach! The Beach is amazing. Sun, sand and surf are just a few of things at the beach! I love splashing in the waves, building castles in the sand, combing the shore for shells, and laying on my towel soaking up the sun! 

#3 Ice cream! Who doesn't love ice cream? There are so many different flavors these days! I don't have a personal favorite flavor, but I do like mint and peanut butter! 

#4 Movies! You know those hot days where you feel like you're about to melt from the heat? Even the pool doesn't provide comfort at a time like this. The movies are your answer. Air conditioning, popcorn, and a good movie may be just what you need to cool down! 

#5 Cookouts! Burgers and hot dogs, games, and good friends make for a perfect cookout. What do you like better, Burgers or Hot Dogs? My personal favorite is a burger, yum! 

#6 Vacation! Of course summertime means vacations! I just got back from one! Comment if you have been on a vacation yet this summer and if you plan to go on one! 

And That is the end of my summer favorites! Thank you so much for taking time to read this and please comment down below if you would like to see my fall favorites later on in September-October! A huge shout out to BloggerGirl who challenged me to this post! thanks! xoxo BloggerA 


  1. Love it! Thanks for taking the challenge! :)

  2. Thanks for posting!! I would definitely like to see a fall favorotes in the future!!

  3. Fall Favorites in the future! Thanks for posting and also, Blogger Girl from DIY Crafts, thank you for posting your summer favorites

  4. Hey guys! Thanks for the support!!!! Because of you guys there will be a fall favorites coming up! Please keep an eye out for it!! It should be here around early to mid October. Thanks again! ~BloggerA


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