Travel Tips! +What's in My Travel Bag!

Hello! Today I have some great news! I am going on vacation! So, I decided to make this post where I would give some travel tips and also a peek into my travel bag! I am really excited for this so let's get started! 

First, I have some travel tips. 

#1 Always try to pack light. This might seem tough if you are going on a long vacation, but it is really helpful so you don't forget anything! For example, try not to bring every single shampoo or soap you own; instead pick a couple to use. 

#2 Have a seperate bag for cosmetics, toothbrushes, etc. This is honestly sooo helpful! I find that packing a small bag with soap, cream, a toothbrush and toothpaste works really well. You can access these things quicker and the chance of you losing these items is small. 

#3 Pack outfits that go together. So, instead of just packing a bunch of jeans and tops, keep pants and tops together so that you can quickly grab your "outfit of the day". This definitley makes travel easier for me! 

#4 Pack plenty of socks! Even if you are going to a warm place, you will still want socks JUST IN CASE. You never know when you are going to need them, or if the beautiful, warm weather will suddenly turn. In short, always have socks at your disposal!

And now, a peek into my travel bag! (Drumroll please:) 

So, I obviously bring clothes and toiletries with me on vacation. But I also like to bring a bag with me to keep me occupied on the way in the car. I always have a couple books in there (obviously!) and I also bring an adult coloring page or two. These things alone could keep me occupied forever, but I also have my iPad mini and headphones for music and games. I also have a pillow with me so I can rest. And thats basically whats in my travel bag! Thanks for reading! xoxo, BloggerA


  1. Also sorry this is a day late... :] I will try to keep my schedule from now on!!!!


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