So, as many of you know, summer is coming up. Actually, "Summer Solstice", which is the first day of summer, is next Monday, the 20th of June. So, like many of you are doing, I'm getting ready!

About a week ago, after a long and laborious struggle, I found my perfect bathing suit! Actually, there were two, but since they're the same style, they're the same bathing suit.. Anyways, yeah, we had searched pretty much everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE. Lands End, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, bla bla bla. Until finally, we thought, Hey! Why don't we go to Kohl's? So Kohl's it was. We found two very cute tankinis for me, one pink and one purple, which was perfect, since purple is my FAVORITE! For my sister, we found a pink ruffle tankini which she liked very much. So, if you are having trouble looking for a suit to swim in this year as a young tween/teen girl, try Kohl's! I highly recommend their cute (and modest!) styles. :)

So, with that out of the way, I'll be going to the beach tomorrow, but it's not your average sit-out-in-the-sun or play-in-the-waves beach day. Have I ever told you that I do foster care with my family? Well, we are fostering a toddler boy and a baby girl, so it should be an interesting with the two of them in tow. We are going to a beach in Portsmouth, which I'm excited about, because Portsmouth beaches are supposed to be really nice. At least, I think so. Heh heh. 

If you've been with my blog from the very beginning, you've probably noticed that I've been writing longer posts than usual, and that is because I want to share with you more about ME. I realized I've been sharing short, quick, almost on-the-go posts, and if this blog is going to be any good, it should have longer posts. Don't you agree? So that's why my posts are longer and more "real", I guess. 
Another reason for longer posts is because I want to express myself. Which means writing, mostly. Of course, there're still all the tutorials and crafts and recipes that I'll post, but I'm going to be more in depth with my writing. I guess you could call it "creative license"! :)

Sorry for the long post, Happy Summer! 



  1. Yay I'm so happy you got your bathing suits! I just recently got two new ones too! I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!! :)


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