App Reviews

Hey everyone! Today I though I'd share my favorite apps and app reviews. Let's get started! 
The first app that I think is just AMAZING is Spotify. This is a music app that provides you with your favorite music and radio stations. It's FREE, and you can have your own account with your favorite music in different albums. It's a really fun app!
Next is a game app, Free Flow. Hence the name, this game is FREE. It's basically connect-the-dots, but with higher levels that are more advanced. I encourage you to go check it out!
I also have an app called Pages. Pages is a writing app and it's perfect for writing school reports, essays and more! Pages is also free.
As for social media, I have iMessage and Mail, but an app that I use frequently to keep in touch with friends is Google+. G+ is simply a social media that you can share messages and pictures on. It's really cool, and, surprise surprise, it's FREE! However, you must have gmail in order to use it. 

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!