Today's Happenings

Today was a fun day. After doing some school work, my mom took me and my sister to our science class, where we reviewed what we've been learning. This week we were learning about our nervous system. It was very cool to think about all that God has done in our bodies. 
For the review, our teacher split us into different groups. We were to do a crossword puzzle containing the words that we had learned, and then write a short paragraph each on the nervous system. We have a very small science class, so we were put into groups of two or three. It was very fun. Afterwards, we had a snack and chatted with our friends. The snack was chocolate chip cookies, made by my best friend Chloe. 
All in all, we had a very good time, and afterward, my mom stopped at a store named Benny's to buy me a drawstring backpack which I really needed. 

So that is what I did today. Tell me what you did today, and I hope you enjoyed this post!