Hey everyone! I'm here to advertise a great app that I have..... PINTEREST! Pinterest is an amazing app that allows you to collect everything you like onto "boards". For example, if you like food and cooking, you might have a food board full of delicious recipes that Pinterest brings up for you when you search it on the search engine. I have several different types of boards that include Star Wars, Cooking, Bible Verses, Dresses, etc. Pinterest is a free app that you get on your computer, Apple product, kindle, or pretty much any type of device or gadget. You can also follow people you know or like who also have accounts on Pinterest.
While your there, follow me! My Pinterest name is: Anna Blaser. Thanks! 



  1. I already follow you and enjoy looking at your page, BloggerA!

  2. Me too! I already follow you, BloggerA, and Chandler Smith, Blogger


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