Life Update!

Hey Readers, here is an update on what I have been doing! 

School. School makes me really busy, with book projects, reports, and tests and quizzes. I'm homeschooled! What is your school day like??

Dress Shopping. The homeschool father/daughter dance is coming up, so this week my mom took me shopping for a dress to wear to it. After shopping for one this week, I finally found one last night at Macy's. I love it!!

Sibling Time. I have an older sister and a toddler brother, so they both keep me busy in a good way! My older sis does fun activities with me, and I enjoy helping my toddler brother with his coloring, "school time", and his little "chores". I love both my sibs! 

Dog Sitting. There are a lot of pets in our neighborhood, so my sister an I have been watching two little doggies for different periods of time. Now we are watching then again! Their names are Jack and Chloe, and they are so sweet. #dogsareawesome!!!!

Well, that is what I have been doing lately! Comment below if you have been doing any of these things, or just to tell me what you have been up to! Thanks for reading!